• Sincere supply Agriculture Chitosan Oligosaccharide Powder
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  • Sincere supply Agriculture Chitosan Oligosaccharide Powder
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  • Sincere supply Agriculture Chitosan Oligosaccharide Powder
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  • Sincere supply Agriculture Chitosan Oligosaccharide Powder
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  • Sincere supply Agriculture Chitosan Oligosaccharide Powder
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Sincere supply Agriculture Chitosan Oligosaccharide Powder

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Sincere supply Food and Agricultural Grade Chitosan Oligosaccharide

Product Name: Chitosan Oligosaccharide

Molecular Weight (Da):1000-5000
Molecular formula:  (C6H11NO4)n(n=2~10)
Grade: Medicine/Food/Cosmetic/Agricultural/ Feed Grade

Appearance: Yellow Brown powder

Insoluble substance:≤ 1%

Chitosan Products List:

Grade                                                  Deacetylation/Substitution Degree

1. Food Grade                                                        85%, 90%, 95%

2. Pharmaceutical Grade 90%, 95%

3. Industrial Grade                                                     80% 85% 90%

4. Agricultural Grade                                                 80%  85% 90%

5. Water soluble Chritosan                                            90%, 95%

6. Carboxymethyl Chitosan                                               80%

7. Hydroxypropyl Chitosan                                                80%

8. Chitosan Oligosaccharides                                  1000-5000 Da

9. Chitosan HCL 85% 90%

Chitosan Oligosaccharides, whose degree of polymerization is lower than 20, were obtained through the enzymatic degradation of chitosan, a natural polysaccharides which are combined with β-1, 4 of Glucosamine.


Chitosan Oligosaccharidesare yellow brown powder, and water soluble  with  good  stability, natural, pure green, non-toxic, harmless features.

1. Medical industry

Chitosan Oligosaccharides has a variety of biological function. According to its medical function, there will be more drugs derived from alginate oligosaccharide.

·Antibacterial diminish inflammation drugs

·Accelerate wound healing drugs

·Sustained-release drugs

2. Food industry

Because of its high solubility and bioactivity, Chitosan Oligosaccharides can be used as food materials or food additives.

Chitosan Oligosaccharides have the function of intestinal immune regulation, detoxification, lowering blood lipids and glucose , anticoagulation, anti-inflammation and Immune system regulation, and can be used as food of patients with obesity, diabetes, colorectal cancer, and habitual constipation. Chitosan Oligosaccharides can also be added to the spices, dairy products, and fruit juice, which can both enrich the taste of products, and improve the nutrition. Chitosan Oligosaccharidescan be applied in fruit and vegetable preservation because they keep the fruit and vegetable fresh.

3. Daily chemical industry

With its biological function diversity, Chitosan Oligosaccharides are widely used in daily chemical industry.

· Moisturizing products

·Sunscreen products

· Hair care

4. Feedstuff industry

Chitosan Oligosaccharides overcomes deficiencies of previous antibiotics, probiotics and enzyme preparation. Chitosan Oligosaccharidesare a good nature feed additive with low dosage, no residual and strong stability.

·Feed additive in animal husbandry: pig, cattle, chicken, etc.

·Feed additive in aquaculture: sea cucumber, abalone, shrimp, etc.

5. Veterinary medicineindustry

Antibacterialdiminish inflammation effect:prevent or treat the disease caused by Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Steptococcus mutans, etc.

Chitosan Oligosaccharidescan also strengthen immune system of the animals.

6. Agriculture

Chitosan Oligosaccharides can activate plant immune system, improve the disease resistance, promote cell activation, and stimulate plant growth.

As seed coating, soil conditioner and foliar spray reduce or remove fungal pathogens severity, to protect against microbial infections and soil fungus.

Technology index

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Item specifics

CAS No.:
Other Names:
chitin oligose
Place of Origin:
Shaanxi, China
Nutrition Enhancers, Preservatives, Stabilizers
Brand Name:
Model Number:
Chitosan Oligosaccharide
Yellow Brown powder
1 Kg
Shelf Life:
2 Years
Ash Content:
Degree of polymerization::
2-30, 2-18, 2-12, 2-6
Molecular Weight:
Insoluble substance:
Particle (Mesh):
PH Value:

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